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Máquina automática de envasado al vacío de sellador de bandejas MAP de atmósfera modificada

Descripción del producto

Modified atmosphere vacuum packaging machine is a kind of machine that vacuumizes and fills in mixed gas to achieve the effect of food preservation.


Food modified atmosphere packaging is abbreviated as MAP,which is currently the most popular and advanced technology in the world. 


It adopts CO2 ,O2,N2 and other protective mixed gases to replace the air in the packaging box,uses different functions of various gases to inhibit the growth and reproduction of most micrpbes and bacteria that cause of food deterioration, so as to keep food fresh and prolong shelf life, change the traditional practice of using various preservatives to keep food fresh.




On The Film Width410mm
Compressed Air0.6-0.8mpa
Average Power3.5KW
Sludio Effective Size580x410mm
Power SourceAC380V/50HZ Can be customized
Gas Displacement Accuracy99.0%-99.5%
Gas Mixing Accuracy99.0%-99.5%

Automatic Modified Atmosphere MAP Tray Sealer Vacuum Packing Machine

How the machine work for MAP?

The machine will remove air from tray, then fill modified gas into tray, and seal cover film. Whole process happens in a closed chamber.



* Indivdually built for your trays

* Automatic film feeding, more sanitary 

* Prelong shelf life of ready meal 

* Support modified atmosphere packaging

* Ratio of O2/N2/CO2 can be changed as per food
* Prelong shelf life, remain fresh and taste of food
* Multi molds. Able to pack different tray size/shape.
* Customized mold as per client tray
* Easy for maintain and operate