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máquina de envasado al vacío de tipo correa continua

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Conveyor belt type automatic vacuum packaging machine is a continuous working packaging machine, suitable for medium and large enterprises for product vacuum packaging. The packaging efficiency is high and the packaging effect is good.


Conveyor belt type automatic vacuum packaging machine is suitable for various products. It can vacuum or vacuum products such as raw food, cooked food, seafood, frozen products, vegetables, dried vegetables, fruits, edible fungi, medicines, electronic parts, clothes and so on. The width of the machine seal is very large. This machine is the first and best choice for medium vacuum packaging and high output.


Continuous Belt Type Vacuum Packing Machine



1. 1 year warranty (Quick wear parts excluded)
2. All electrics accessories pass CCC certification of China.
3. Machine made of stainless steel. Chamber plate is made of SUS304 stainless steel, thickness 8mm (other factories might use 202 steel thickness 4.5mm, which is easy to rust and deform), specially processed for extra strength, no deformation after long time use.
4. Use top quality stainless steel chains, imported belt and positioner system, guarantees high precision, perfect vacuum and sealing quality, stable chamber lid, low noise and failure rate.
5. German BUSCH 200 vacuum pump, features stable performance, fast vacuum speed, low noise, high vacuum degree. (Vacuum speed 200m3/h, vacuum degree 0.1mbar )
6. Airtac large caliber vacuum negative pressure stainless steel globe valve 50 model, features high speed evacuation, high vacuum degree, long shelf life.
7. Heating system researched by GUANGYUAN, enables overlap packing, durable for long time production, high quality flat sealing, no wrinkles.

Continuous Belt Type Vacuum Packing Machine


Vacuum chamber size1125*440*110mm1225*550*110mm
Effective sealing size 1000*10(8)mm1100*10(8)mm